Day Four – Placement One

Gradually, settling in to the new environment. Surprisingly don’t get lost too often although still cant remember the special code used to enter the sacred place; toilets.Routine as usual, firstly a visit to my extraordinary form group that manages to conjure up; immensely quickly, bad feedback from other teachers.

As my mentor distributed the timetables today, structure was in order, a sense of direction swept over me, which was soon taken away when I was told that they were only temporary.

Activities undertaken today
Observing a year 7 lesson where myself and a collegue were offered an opportunity by our mentor, to dive at the deep end and attempt to do a plenary for tomorrow. The plenary had to include keywords used for spreadsheets and making the activity interactive. Ideas were brainstormed to deduced the best approach necessary to convey this information to the students.

Prior to creating the resources, it was essential to gather information in regards to the topic, the class and the specific ability group that the plenary would be addressed to.

Short Term Plan : To create resources for the plenary. Finish a lesson plan.
Medium Term Plan: To finsh all the focus tasks for wednesday.
Long Term Plan : Get information about the lesson that need to be
taught after half term so lesson plans can be written up during
the two week break from school.

Target for Tuesday
Deliver the plenary and get feedback from mentor.
Play around with the animation suite for the lower ability.

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.”
                                                                Albert Einstein


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