Day Six – Placement One

Highlight of the day: One lesson to observe therefore plenty of time to finish those all important focus tasks. Some of the students have finally started to recognise me and have stopped mistaking me for a sixth former. Observed a year 10 lesson, finally a meeting with the ITT coordinator. Persistently approached host teachers and mentors to get the all noteworthy data required to decipher over half term.

Activities undertaken today

Observation of the year 10 lesson; although now gradually they are developing more into supporting sessions with the students which inadvertendly gives a better insight, as I will be asked to take over the lesson. It also provides an indication of the shrewdness and craftiness required with that specific class and certain SPECIFIED students.

As half term is right upon us, gathered essential information in regards to the the expectations and work that the subjective host teacher might have. No surprises that the only teachers that were prepared and aware of this transition were the two mentors which will also morph into the role of host teachers. One of the teachers’, I still havent met yet and the other one; although mentions that there is tonnes of work they would like for me everytime we talk, has failed to provide me with any assistance or information in regards to this.

The best way to deal with this issue is to heavily rely on this beautiful thing known to us mere mortals as e-mail. Besides the small glitch all the information now is safetly stored in a spreadsheet.

A meeting with the ITT coordinator has revealed further information on how to completely renovate ourselves into replicas of actual teachers such as dealing with duties and many more voluntary things that we should do.

In regards to lesson planning over the holidays, the mentors have provided us with details on how to get a hold of them therefore any additional queries or glitches that might arise in the midst can be settled.

Short Term Plan: Finish all focus tasks.
Medium Term Plan : Start lesson planning for the weeks to come.
Long Term Plan : Thoroughly going over QTS standards and learning theories that might be linked to ICT.

“Education has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading.”


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