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Day Five – Placement One

Today is the day when host teachers believe that I am suitable to be unleashed on creatures that are else wise known as students. Today is the day of the plenary.Despite other very fundamental activities that were occurring around school, my plenary seemed to take precedence over everything else; in my world.

Activities undertaken today
Initially observed a fellow colleague who was equally as nervous as myself, deliver a plenary on publisher, which was done with great bravery and poise setting the bar tremendously high for myself.  Next lesson, met the year & group I will be teaching publisher to after half term.

Received advice from the host teacher regarding the delivery of the first lesson back, the advice included significant information such as enforcing a seating plan, thinking of the rewards and sanction policy and some details about myself so their curiosity is dealt with initially.

Now the nerves were in over drive as it was time to do my plenary to year 8s on spreadsheets. A quiz on spreadsheets was created which was to test the prerequisite knowledge of the students, since I was unaware of the name of the students, a randomiser was created with the class list inserted in the spreadsheet which randomly choose a student to answer the quiz question. Before delivering the plenary I picked upon the naughtiest child to press the button to generate the name on the laptop. ( The laptop was there as a contingency plan as the formula would not work on office 2000. Yes that’s correct . Office 2000 latest version).  Feeling my heart pound within my chest, I managed to stay composed whilst delivering my plenary. Overall the plenary went well and received praise from the host teacher and some feedback on how to improve it.

Finally a sense of relief.

Short Term Plan: Information about lessons to come.
Medium Term Plan: Discuss the lessons that need to be taught after half term.
Long Term Plan: Learning Theories.

‘You see things and say ‘Why’? But I see things and say ‘Why not?’
G.B Shaw


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Day Three – Placement One

A normal day (As normal as it can be). Started off with a mini briefing by the mentor, then off to the designated form group. Observed pastoral duties and witness my first disruptive student being punished. Viewed a Year 7 lesson in progression and then focused upon the various focus tasks. To wrap the day up, an insightful meeting with the ITT coordinator.

Activities undertaken today

Observing another year 7 lesson that is covering the same topic, reinforced the numerous aspects of the lesson that are neglected and missed the first time around as other dynamics of the lesson are emphasised upon.  Whilst the students’ were engaged in their specified task, both mentors answered any queries myself and a colleague had regarding various focus tasks and about the differentiation required between the range of students in each year group.

Most of the emphasis today was indicating, identifying and recording the assorted focus tasks which required acting upon the three keywords.

Short Term Plan : To finish most of the focus tasks.
Medium Term Plan : To finish all the focus task for next Friday.
Long Term Plan : Start thinking about lesson planning for the specified topic assigned by the mentors.

Target for Monday  – Ask mentor regarding FT2, F13,F14. Plan scheme of work for the low ability
group(animation suite).

“Don’t try to innovate for the future. Innovate for the present.”
Peter Drucker

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