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Day Ten – Placement One

Starter – A meeting regarding a charity day on friday. Some time which was long with the pastoral group.

Insightful communication with the mentor regarding the assignments and

Comparision of the different year 7 groups. Having One of the highest ability and lowest ability was incredible the difference is tremendous. Recognising how to differenciate. rewards and sanctions.

Working with the deputy head of a school very insightful. Excellent classroom management techniques. Breaking down tasks. Giving responsibilty to the children for their actions.

Importance of comminication

Plenary – Lovely session with the class again. Discussion on what needs to be done for tomorrow.

A nice summarising meeting with the mentor.


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Day Seven – Placement One

Most of the day today was spend on finding out the lessons that need to be taught in the course of the week. Continuation of lesson observations and to get lesson plans moderated before teaching. Getting lesson plans quality checked was immensely advantageous and feedback provided by the mentors was significantly constructive.

Clarification on how to write effective and reflective lesson plans was also addressed which proved to be invaluable. Importance of highlighting and emphasising on expectations(rewards and sanctions) in the first lesson were strongly encouraged.

Activities undertaken today

Observing a year 12 and year 9 lesson. Year 12; being amongst the lowest ability group completing an OCR Level 2 course (definition: a course designed for year 9/ year 10) was not motivational for them, therefore being incredibly disruptive added to the already disastrous combination.

An opportunity to observe another low ability year 9 group averted a forth coming disaster; lack of the appropriate software. As this is one of the lessons that I am due to teach, logging onto the computers in the designated computer room revealed that the 2animate 2 simple suite was not installed. This was problematic as the entire term’s lessons are based around that particular software.The problem was tackled and dealt with by the host teacher.

Short Term: Prepare a lesson on DTP for year 7.

Middle Term: Start completing the IDP.

Long Term: Meet all the QTS standards.

‘I will act as if what I do will make a difference.’
William James

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